How does someone lose at fantasy football for nearly a quarter of a century? How does a league of guys (plus one girl) survive into its 25th season and beyond? What can you learn to dominate your league for seasons to come?

(Update: “Fantasy Football: The 24-Year Losing Streak” is now a best seller on Amazon. Plus, GeekWire calls it a fun read. Don’t let anyone tell you that losing gets you nowhere.)

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The answers are funny, insightful and sometimes painful. Follow a fantasy football underachiever as he seeks help to draft like an expert, navigate free agency, assess injuries, talk trash and win an elusive title (the WAFFL Bowl).

Along the way, you’ll learn secrets of the “Magnificent 5.” You’ll get schooled by a fantasy professor. You’ll go behind the scenes at a major fantasy website, revisit infamous moments in fantasy football history and, hear a CEO discuss her fantasy company of the future.

Whether you’re a fantasy football veteran or new to the game, “Fantasy Football: The 24-Year Losing Streak” will make you a better player. More than that, you’ll spend time with a group of people whose passion for fantasy football transcends winning, losing and time.

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