Road Trip 2Welcome to Week #2 of the Good, Bad and Ugly. I’m following my own fantasy football advice, straight from my book, and reporting the results. This week’s dispatch is a road trip edition: Jen and I are touring our home state of Washington via Jeep.

Let’s get right to it.

The Good: We might be on to something here

A year ago the UndaDawgz were 0-2, en route to an 8-game losing streak. My team finished the season in dead last place (again) with a record of 2-11.

Today the UndaDawgz are 2-0. I own the highest-scoring team in the Washington Area Fantasy Football League (WAFFL).

I’m also undefeated in the Fantasy Sports Trade Association Experts B League. I own the second-highest-scoring team in that league.

Obviously, the season is still very young. Nonetheless, two factors are key to this early success:

1. I took a data-driven approach to my fantasy draft, utilizing tactics from past champions of the last 14 years. (Read more about this in my Week 1 report.)

2. I avoided early season yips (so far). The two-time reigning champion of WAFFL  is nicknamed the Ice Man. The nickname is not a coincidence. We both started last season with similar records. I made 10 roster changes during the early weeks. Ice Man made two changes during that same period. This year I’m playing it cool as Ice, by keeping early season roster moves to a minimum.

The Bad: Can’t stop won’t stop

The good thing about losing at fantasy football for decades is, you learn to look on the bright side. I went outside on Sundays instead of watching football all day. I exercised instead of ordering in pizza. I used my phone for other tasks besides checking my fantasy scores.

This year, I’ve watched every available NFL game of the season. I endured the entire Thursday night snoozefest between the Texans and the Bengals, just to watch my defense score eight points. Here’s me checking my scores on a hike during our road trip.


The Ugly: I get so emotional, baby

I cheer for my players. I berate them. I berate my opponent’s players. I cheer the players who help my players and berate the players who help my opponents’ players. And so it goes. I experience a lifetime of emotion in the course of four downs. Jen says I’m having “fits.” Like a toddler.

Three and out

1) Our road trip has a football theme. We spent Saturday night watching the Huskies beat Fresno State. In between plays we spied on this guy making beer, which was pretty cool.

Beer making at Boundary Bay Brewery.

2) On Sunday we watched early games at the Narnia-inspired Aslan Brewing Co. Jen picked up a few t-shirts. Aslan closed early for a private event, so we caught afternoon games at the Beaver Inn. The Beaver Inn sells t-shirts plus thong underwear. We didn’t buy anything.  I did eat my weight in free popcorn.

The Beav

3) We love our Seahawks (and our puns) in Washington State. Marshawn Lynch is gone but not forgotten at the yummy BreadFarm bakery in tiny Edison, WA.

Yeast Mode

That’s it for the Week 2 update. Good luck and happy sailing in your fantasy league!

Happy Sailing

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